Lymphatics for Bowen Therapists

A great learning experience will be on offer later this month for Bowen Therapists who are interested in learning more about the lymphatic system and how they can assist lymphatic issues.

On the 27th and 28th of May, I will be running Practitioner Days A and B to revise the Bowenwork from the Certificate IV programme but, to add a little spice, will be focusing on the lymphatic system and how Bowen Therapists can aid it.

We'll look at the lymphatic system, what it is and what it does, how your basic Bowenwork can aid in issues, and also things you can discuss with your clients to help them help themselves.

It is $200 per day, with Day A focusing on lower body work and Day B on the upper body. It's obviously better if you can do both, but I understand that many have limited time available.

You will earn 1 CEU point per hour for your Category 1 (Hands-on Bowen) continuing education requirements for the BAA and Bowtech. So that's 8 points per day.

The days will be held at my rooms here in the Sydney CBD with easy access via trains (Town Hall or St James) or buses. You can also park at the Doamin Parking Station for a flat rate of $10 per day on weekends.

There's no need to lug tables or towels with you either - everything is here. Just bring your manuals and your good selves.

For more information, please feel free to contact me. Please note that this workshop is not part of the nationally recognised training programme, however it is Bowtech-accredited.